- New systems created
- Existing systems adjusted

- Integration with other applications
- Mobile device access

- Quickly understandable screens
- Easy and effective visual controls
- Focused reports

- Egoless construction that facilitates later updates
- Management design perspective
- Professional estimating and planning.

- Excellent results since 2004

FileMaker as a data hub

Recent Designs


D3Tools is an agile design group that serves the individual needs of data-intense businesses. We specialize in creating data management tools on the FileMaker platform that integrate with outside systems. Especially strong in the entertainment industry, our work has supported a wide range of groups:

- animation production
- customer relationship managment
- event floorplan assignments
- executive call tracking
- human resources
- IT equipment and task management
- facilities management
- factory production timing
- museum patron relationship
- recording studio operation
- warehouse inventory

We love non-profits, cooperatives and B Corps!

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Owner Patrick Reagan has been developing database applications for a number of organizations since 1990. This includes seven years managing database design for a division of The Walt Disney Company. The foundation of his successful development efforts has been experience managing small businesses, work groups, and technology:

- Animation Production
- Live Action Production
- Photographic Technical Quality Control
- Retail sales
- Volunteer Group Management

- Amateur beer maker and home gardener